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Wintus stands for „Wind Turbine and Solar"

The WINTUS GmbH is an industrial company that was founded by Karl Schlecht for the sector of "renewable energies". It is admistered by the affiliated company Primus KG parallel to the real estate administration and industrial parks which lies under Primus KG as well.

The acitivities of WINTUS comprise the development, operation and sales of wind and solar plants as well as trading machines and equipment. WINTUS Gmbh is connected with the non profit foundations KSG and the Wind Energy Chair which was donated by Karl Schlecht to the University of Stuttgart.

This is why for the commercial activity of this company emphasis is put on the promotion of the common welfare, science and education. Basis for the actions are laid down in the value catalogue of the Putzmeister company which was founded by Karl Schlecht (

WINTUS thus serves the projects financed by the KSG foundations. In order that the foundations receive regular incomes for their foundation projects a part of their capital assets are invested in profitable installations for renewable energy. Since non-profit foundations cannot be active commercially, this is carried out by WINTUS GmbH and thus cares for regular interest yields for a long-term financing of the foundation projects. (

Wintus GmbH: Gutenbergstr. 4, D 72631 Aichtal Tel 0049-7127 599-0 Fax: 0049-7127-599-404, Email:  

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